My Roommates Evil Cat Seuss (Photo Evidence)

The villain has struck again! And this time I got some photo evidence so you are not fooled by the bright misleading eyes of my feline foe. As one can see… my foot was the prime victim to this near-fatal attack, and yes, I may have suffered a few scratches in the process of acquiring freedom from his grasp. But have no fear! That is what hydrogen Peroxide is for. And let me tell you, the one thing I have acquired from my experiences with a feral kitten is the need for #1 A first aid kit equip with hydrogen peroxide and #2 something that jingles attached to a string, preferably with some sort of feather dangling about. This has so far been my coping method and measly lessens the torture and in no way can diminish it all together. But there are hight hopes for the near future!


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